Friday, January 25, 2013

Report from the Prayer Ministry

The Annual Meeting is coming up on February 3, and continuing the tradition established last year, we're publishing reports as we receive them. Here's the report from the Prayer Ministry, submitted by Don Bryant.

The Prayer Ministry for All Saints Episcopal Church has seen some change this year, exciting change.  This group that may have been best described as successfully under organized has taken on a bit different appearance.  While the ministry worked well, after some tweeking, growth has already happened.  The group has nearly doubled in size since a mini workshop that was held in November.  This not only involves more people but it broadens opportunity for many at All Saints to serve Christ and the church.

With this growth there is also agreement among the prayer ministers that occasional meetings to share with one another and to pray for one another will strengthen the group and encourage growth in the spiritual practice of prayer.   

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