Saturday, January 26, 2013

Report from the Parish Events Committee

The Annual Meeting is coming up on February 3. Continuing last year's tradition, we're publishing reports as we receive them. Here's the report from the Parish Events committee, submitted by Ginger Biddinger.

Well 2012 was certainly a BUSY year for us!  We started the year with our Mardi Gras celebration in 
February.  Coby really provided us with some beautiful decorations and the parish hall looked great. Frank managed to find some little babies to be baked into the king cakes.

Next was our Maunday Thursday dinner during Lent.   Fr. Tom and Jane Billman provided lentil soup while the rest of the committee provided the olives, dates, pita etc.

We provided a” Welcome” coffee hour  for Mo. Suzanne during  September, and then the next weekend we had our Church picnic, with our invited guests from Holy Life.

In November we assisted Jane Billman with set up for Cathy Scott's Ordination.  Following this we hosted a reception for Mo. Suzanne's installation.

For December, our wonderful organist Mason came up with the idea to have caroling at the church, so cookies, cocoa and caroling were enjoyed by all who came!  We also assisted Pat & Lance in a small celebration of Fr. Chastain's 50 years of ordination.

I am sure I probably managed to miss something, but 2012 was a busy year for us!

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