Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Report from the Knitting Committee

The All Saints Annual Meeting is coming up, and continuing last year's tradition, we'll be posting reports as we receive them. Here's what the Knitting Commitee has been up to, submitted by Rose Lane.

The All Saints knitting group had another busy year. In addition to continuing to contribute to our supply of prayer shawls, the group agreed to knit scarves for the Red Scarf Project which is part of the Foster Care to Success program. FC2S provides assistance to college students who have grown up in the foster care system. In addition to help with school expenses, rent, clothing and other necessities, FC2S sends a Valentine’s Day care package to each student. Every care package contains a red scarf that has been knitted and donated to the project. While we neglected to count how many scarves we sent, it was a large box that filled with our work. We invited the parish to participate by donating other “goodies” for the care packages and you were very generous.

This year’s project is to make newborn snuggle sacks for babies seen at the Rafael Health Center at 34th & Central Avenue. The clinic sends a welcome bag with each new mother when she returns for post-natal care. We are pleased that we can provide something of use for an organization that is nearly a neighbor. There are many patterns available and anyone may contribute. We would like to have our finished products blessed in November so they can be given to the Rafael Center before the end of the year. Our group’s numbers have fluctuated a lot this past year as folks have moved or become involved in other activities. Anyone is welcome to come as your are able -- you don’t have to be an experienced knitter to join us at 5:30 on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

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