Thursday, January 24, 2013

Report from the Outreach Committee

The All Saints Annual Meeting is coming up, and continuing last year's tradition, we'll be posting reports as we receive them. Here's what the Outreach Committee has been up to, submitted by Patricia Griffin.

Significant accomplishments:

- Remaining mindful of the purpose of the committee and the Millennium goals
- Great support and enthusiasm from clergy and vestry for activities
- Received Endowment Funds from AS for three Outreach Projects
- Promoting outreach opportunities to parishioners
- Participation with several community based organizations
- Raising money by organizing a yard sale that provided funding for two monetary contributions to charitable organizations, Dayspring Center, and St. Philip’s Food Pantry, and $ 600.00 to the AS Parish Events Committee
- Collecting items in bins for distribution to various entities, including food and non-consumables, school supplies, socks and underwear, blankets, eyeglasses, pill bottles

Challenges in 2012:

- Selecting entities as recipients of donations due to vast needs within the community
- Committing to work with other churches and organizations without over- committing

Goals for 2013:

- Continue to promote outreach activities already organized
- Look to start-up something new if a gap in services is evident
- Involve the entire congregation in initiating new projects, and announcing opportunities for participation

Members include: Bethel Bose, James Underwood, Jeff Hostetter, Joshua Siege, Cathy Scott, Joan Head, Jane Billman, Jesse Clark, Lance Ratliff, Mary Elise-Haug, Patricia Griffin

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