Friday, January 27, 2012

Outreach Committee 2011 Report

Significant accomplishments:
- Remaining mindful of the purpose of the committee and the Millennium goals
- Great support and enthusiasm from clergy and vestry for activities
- Promoting outreach opportunities to parishioners
- Participation with several community based organizations
- Raising money by organizing a yard sale
- Two monetary contributions to charitable organizations of $ 600.00 each
- Increasing overall existing outreach fund due to yard sale fundraising event
- Collecting items in bins for distribution to various entities, including food, school supplies, socks and underwear, blankets, eyeglasses, pill bottles

Challenges in 2011:
- Selecting entities as recipients of donations due to vast needs within the community
- Committing to work with other churches and organizations without over- committing
- Finding the time to bond together as a Committee

Goals for 2012:
- Continue to promote outreach activities already organized
- Look to start-up something new if a gap in services is evident

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