Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Music Ministry Update

As we come up to the annual meeting on Sunday, January 29, we're publishing the annual updates from our parish committees -- up today...the music ministry. Thanks to Mason Copeland for providing the update.

Music Ministry Annual Update

This has been an exciting year for the music program at All Saints. The choir has grown since our choir retreat held at St. Paul’s in August. We have heard a total of 26 voices in and out of the balcony this season. 

The Bach Cantata, which the choir performed on Christmas Eve, was a success and the choir enjoyed every note as well as the hard work and dedication that went into the preparation. This choir is by far the most dedicated bunch of folks a music director could ask for. At the brilliant Evensong celebrating All Saints centennial, Bruce Neswick accompanied the choir and expressed that he was impressed with the choirs’ sound and attitude.

There have been beginning plans to improve some of the organ’s tonal design in the Swell division and possibly adding a festival trumpet to the Great division. Tom Honderich and I met with Brandon Woods from Goulding and Wood this past fall to discuss the project. This will be a long-term project. Hopefully, more on this soon…

Elizabeth Dernier has completely organized the choral library. We almost have every piece of music cataloged and all of the chants filed for easy access. Now as we purchase new music it can easily be added to our stunning collection. 

The choir will soon be working on a recording project. We will sing some of our favorite pieces from each liturgical season and feast days. 

What a positive year it has been! I look forward to our recording project and rehearsals to come.

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