Monday, November 22, 2010

Medicine Cabinet: 100 Days for 100 Years Program

As you contemplate your New Year Resolutions, consider the All Saints Medicine Cabinet’s  “100 Days for 100 Years” Program. 

This self-directed walking program is open to individuals of all fitness levels. Participants will first assess their current activity and set their own fitness goal for the 100 Days leading up to Easter. Sign up between November 28th and December 12th and receive a pedometer to help monitor you progress. Pedometers will be distributed at a kickoff meeting after Mass on January 8th. 

Monitor you activity level over the week then set you walking goals for the next 100 days (January 14th through April 24th). We’ll meet on January 15th to share our goals and participants will have the option of plotting their progress during a short meeting following the Sunday Service. 

Celebrate the 100 year anniversary of All Saints Church in a program that promotes physical and spiritual health. Hopefully you too may enjoy 100 years! 

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