Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ingathering for the Damien Center Food Pantry November 21

All Saints is gathering food for a special Thanksgiving offering to the Coby Palmer Food Pantry at the Damien Center, Indiana's largest HIV/AIDS service center. We'll have a special food ingathering on Sunday, November 21, where we'll bring our offerings of food up to the altar for a special blessing before taking it to the Damien Center.

We encourage you to bring Thanksgiving-themed items. A suggested grocery bag would include stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, 2 canned vegetables, 2 canned fruits, and a dessert mix. Or check out the Damien Center's food pantry donation list for other ideas.

This is a great way to help our community for not very much money. The pile of food below was purchased for less than $50.

And check out what power-shopper Jane Billman did with a generous $100 contribution from an anonymous parishioner!

The shopping is finished. For the $100.00 we purchased:

20 cans corn
20 cans green beans
10 boxes instant potatos.....each contains 2 packets and can be divided
5 large cans sweet potatos
10 boxes stuffing
20 cans peaches
20 cans pears
20 boxes jello
10 cans evaporated milk
12 jars applesauce
5 bags noodles

The receipt says we saved $59.03. This should fill the holes in some dinners.


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