Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks

Dear Friends,

There is much to be grateful for this thanksgiving and I want to especially show thanks to all of those who participated in the celebration of Mary Campbell's life.

If I began to list all the people who assisted in that week before and on the day of the funeral, it would take the whole email to do so!

Everything that was done that day was done with love, hard work and commitment.

I had two friends from out of town staying with me this weekend and I brought them down because I wanted them to see All Saints. One friend is totally blind and it's hard to explain to her where she is and the environment she is in. That was not the case at All Saints. She asked to touch the various parts of the nave and altar. She remarked on the absolute beauty of the eagle. And tenderly touched Mary and the baby Jesus. We sat down down for what I thought was was going to be a brief moment but lasted a long time.

Both she and her partner Jennifer have been associated with the church and have s mall group that does ministry work in North Carolina. Both told me that this was a very special evening for them.

My friend Gerry told me you can feel the presence in this place. There's something happening here. Of course, the presence of incense was still strong, and the quiet of that evening after the moving liturgy and all the community of the believers of the day says what All Saints is really about.

I got a copy of the Vision Statement and read it to them and, as it says, something does happen in that space—and all of your commitment and love empower that and make it happen with God.

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving and look forward to Sunday.



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