Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Latest from the Friary by Steve Jamison

It's been a while since I informed AS what is up here. Things are going well. I have been very busy. I gave my first sermon the Sunday before Lent. It went well. I didn't get tomatoes thrown at me. Now I am working on "Day of Reflection" for April. We have these reflections once a month. My clothing date has been sent (aka receiving the habit or brown dress). It will be either May 19th or 20th. I forgot which it was. I will send an update when I get it confirmed. Things have picked since Lent started. We have groups coming in on the weekends number up to 40 people. It's lots of fun. Meeting new people. I have been doing a lot of baking bread. We bake about 90 loaves a week. I have been brave and have been driving around in the area. I am now trying to decide which drivers are worse, the ones here in NY or in Indy. That has been all thus far.

I do miss All Saints and all the people there. Tell all I said HI and keep me in your prayers.

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