Friday, March 11, 2011

Coins for Camp - thanks for your support!

The generosity of the congregation in supporting the Coins for Camp collection shows how far a little generosity can go. Rose Lane reports:

Your “pocket change” collected the last two Sundays totaled $271 that can be used to help send some of the younger members of our parish to Waycross for summer camp. Thank you so much for your generous giving. Waycross has a policy that no child shall be denied a camping experience as the result of financial needs; however, the amount of scholarships given always exceed the amount of the scholarship fund. As such, parishes are encouraged to help and I am proud to be able to say we can do that. There’s generally a 1/3 expectation when a scholarship is being requested: the family pays 1/3, the parish pays 1/3 and Waycross will cover the final 1/3. With our $271, we should be able to provide 1/3 of a week at Waycross to two children and perhaps three. If we don’t need to use the money for members of All Saints, the fund will be transferred to Waycross for its scholarship fund. If you have a child interested in attending Waycross this summer, there are camp brochures on the table in the back of the church. If you need to request some tuition assistance, please call the church office

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