Sunday, January 2, 2011

All Saints stories to round out the Christmas season

As the Christmas season draws to a close, three members of our parish had stories to share about ways our parish has touched the lives of members of our community.

Thanks so much to the members of the parish who stayed after church on December 12 to write Christmas cards to veterans getting treated at the Roudebush VA Medical Center on W. 10th Street.

Susan Thompson delivered the cards. She writes:

Our 100 We Believe cards were delivered to the VA hospital Tuesday. Hopefully, they'll add some Christmas spirit to the recipients.

It was an eye-opener for me and I'l really glad we did it. When I was driving out of the parking garage, a group of young men were walking to their van. I had noticed them in the lobby earlier (they were cute!).

What I didn't notice was one of them was walking on two metal prosthetic legs.

And he was just a kid in his 20s.

We owe our veterans so much.
And our own Stephen Little, a Vietnam veteran, adds this story:
This is a small world story. Last Sunday at coffee Brendan circulated Christmas cards to be signed by parishioners. He said the cards were destined for Veterans as an appreciation for their service. (This was just before Mark began his presentation for the coffee hour.) Yesterday at noon I was sitting in the Roudebush VA Hospital waiting for a blood test restul. A gentleman walked into the waiting room and presented me (...and everyone else) with a card from local churches. He thanked me for my service and gave m an All Saints Christmas card!
Finally, Jane Billman and the good work she does through All Saints has attracted the notice of the Kroger across the street. During a routine grocery shopping trip this week, the store manager stopped her. Another customer had dropped off two bags of grocery, mistakenly thinking that Kroger was taking a collection for another food bank. The store manager kept the groceries, and gave them to Jane when she stopped in so she could drop them in our collection bins for the Damien Center.

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