Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All Saints Preachers' Greatest Hits

This week marks one full year of sermon recordings at All Saints. Turns out this has been a valuable ministry beyond anything we could have guessed. In the last year our posts on Soundcloud have attracted nearly 2,000 listeners. Imagine our church 1/3 even more full on Sundays and you'll get a sense of our weekly reach. In addition to Indiana, we've had listeners from around the US and Canada, the UK, and Australia. And of course many of you have enjoyed the opportunity to listen to your favorites again and again.

In celebration of reaching this milestone, we're posting our three greatest hits over the last year.

#1: It's Not About the Money - August 4, 2013

While observing that most people wish clergy would never talk about money, Mother Suzanne Wille reflects on accomplishment, idolatry, wealth, and the limits of self-reliance.

#2: Be Still and Know that I am God - December 16, 2012

On the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, Father Gordon Chastain declines to find words to describe the grief of the Newtown massacre, seeking instead the gift of silence and stillness.

#3: The Tower of Siloam - March 3, 2013

Father Michael Stichweh, in inimitable style, meditates on building collapses, danger, and disaster; the inevitability of suffering, gratitude, and the love of God..

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