Saturday, February 2, 2013

Report from the Master of Acolytes

Our Annual Meeting is coming up on February 3, and we're publishing reports as we receive them. Here's the report from the Acolyte team, submitted by Mark Gastineau.

The members of the acolyte teams continue to provide reverent service at the altar.  The remarkable loyalty of these persons to this ministry is pleasing to me and, I am sure, to the entire congregation of All Saints.  The four teams of acolytes work as units and rotate responsibilities on Sundays.  When a Principal Feast falls on a weekday, ad hoc teams work together and assist the rector in providing beautiful liturgies for Christmas, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, the Triduum, Ascension Day, All Saints’ Day, and Solemn Evensong, among others.

A highlight of 2012 was the Celebration of New Ministry for Mother Suzanne in November.

I am constantly indebted to the persons who assist at the Wednesday evening Masses.

I hope that other members of the parish will consider joining us.  Everyone's help is vital to the parish.  And serving God at the altar will give you a spiritual satisfaction that is at once beautiful and intense.

Please contact me if you feel the call.

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