Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter Flowers & Memorials

If you are able to assist with the purchase of lilies  to adorn the church at Easter, please drop a check in the offering plate with the notation 'Easter Flowers'.  You may also mail a check to the office to the attention of the Treasurer.  Please list your thanksgivings or memorials on a separate piece of paper.

During the Canon of the Mass at the Great Vigil, we will keep our tradition of reciting the names of departed family and friends.  There will be inserts in the Sunday bulletin to list the persons you want to include.  You may also mail your list of names to the office to Mark Gastineau's attention.  All names must be submitted by April 4.  No offering is necessary, but if you choose to make one, it will be used to help pay for the Easter Flowers.

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