Friday, December 30, 2011

A Thank You Message from the Priest in Charge

Thanks to all who emptied out their pockets and found their checkbooks to replenish the Discretionary fund. As a result, crises were avoided and empty refrigerators were filled. The mandate—feed my people and care for the distressed—was profoundly addressed. Peace, to your concerned hearts.  

To Paul Greatbatch, who has brought his amazing ability to produce beauty on the Web and the printed page, who has quietly ordered the administrative work of the parish and offered his talents and concerns many times—thank you. You will be missed. And each time we encounter the need to find creative approaches to issues and to presentations appropriate to this place, we will remember with gratitude your time here.

To all who were involved in creating two very meaningful services to honor the birth of Jesus, those who attended those offerings and participated in the joy of those occasions, those who made sure all shut-ins and others who came to our doors in need were served, those who gave food for the weary in so many wayssoul and body—thank you for extending your time and talents. 
See you Sunday as we celebrate the power of the name—His and ours.  


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