Wednesday, October 12, 2011

100 Hands Over All Saints

The sign in the yarn shop read, “I make pretty string.” For many that's true, but for the as many more the sign might read, “I make pretty useful string.” The Knitting Ministry at All Saints Episcopal Church followed the second sign. For the past year the knitters of All Saints have been working together to make 100 hands or 50 pair of mittens as their way of marking the 100th anniversary of the the church building.

For some in the group the idea of controlling four needles instead of the usual two seemed monumental and daunting, for some it was a chance to learn something new and was met with zeal and for some it was an opportunity to pick up a well worn pattern and revisit an, “old friend.”. A few in the group opted to make hats and scarves to go with the mittens. Together, in just a little more than a year mittens to fit everyone from infants, toddlers, children, women and men have appeared on the clothes lines that were strung from the beams of our parish hall. 100 Hands Over All Saints has been a colorful reminder of our congregation's zeal for caring for others.

The mittens have been a learning experience for many of our church and beyond. While some in the knitting ministry learned how to make cable patterns, or knit in the round, some learned the secret codes of the craft now knowing just exactly what SSK means in the pattern. A few visitors to our parish hall have spoken of how fun and meaningful it was to see the hands over their heads learning that they would begin to warm the hands and hearts of some folks in our community who would welcome them as the winter chill comes to Indianapolis.

These mittens are more than just, “pretty string,” they are labors of love and care and a witness to the long standing commitment that this parish has to offering a hand to those who need it. The mittens will be blessed during the offertory on October 30th and will be distributed to neighboring support agencies, Julian Center and Dayspring Center. The knitters are pleased to announce that there are now 55 pairs of mittens to share with the Julian and Dayspring Centers.

These 100 Hands Over All Saints have proven to be a reminder that God uses our hands as his own here on earth.

— Don Bryant

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